Whole House Humidifier Installation in Denver

If the air in your home is stale and dry, a humidification system may bring it back to life!

It’s not uncommon for those with indoor air that’s dry and scratchy to suffer ill health effects, including:

  • dry skin
  • irritated sinuses
  • itchy and irritated eyes
  • and much more

Dry air is also ideal for airborne viruses to pass from place to place, such as the flu virus, which survives longer and spreads easier in low-humidity air. This makes low humidity a particularly bad problem during winter, especially when homes are closed up to try and seal in the warmth.

If you’re suffering from dry air, the Denver indoor air quality experts at Absolute Electrical Heating and Air can help! We offer a number of humidity balancing solutions that can increase the moisture in your air, keeping it comfortable and healthy for you and your family to breathe.

Denver Whole House Humidifiers | Indoor Air Quality Experts

Why Install a Whole House Humidifier?

Health Benefits: By having the proper humidity levels in your home, you reduce the risk of allergy symptoms, dry skin and eyes, and minimize the amount of viruses that may be lingering in your home.

Save Money & Energy: During the winter, your indoor air will feel warmer with the proper humidity, which means you will be able to save money and energy by not running your heater as often. According to the EPA, you can save 4% for every degree you lower your thermostat, which can definitely add up.

Protect Your Home: When you have the right moisture levels in your house, you will also protect hardwood floors from cracking and shirking, help paint from peeling, walls or flooring from warping, and more.

Why Choose Absolute for Your Air Quality Needs?

We have the tools and experience to accurately diagnose indoor air quality issues and offer a number of customized solutions using name-brand, reliable products. We’re a family-owned and operated company, which means we understand how important humidity is in your home, especially during the winter season, because we see how it affects us and those in our community. It’s this motivation that’s constantly pushing us to deliver quality, timely results that have your best interests in mind.

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How to Improve Indoor Humidity

The easiest way to improve your indoor humidity is to create sources of water that can evaporate into the air in your home. Steam is the easiest way to do this, and the good news is creating steam doesn’t have to be immensely difficult. Likewise, warmer air tends to hold moisture better and stay warmer, so an energy-efficient heater can also help you maintain a higher humidity level.

Here are some of the most common ways people improve the humidity in their home:

  • Use a vaporizer or humidifier
  • Drink a hot cup of tea
  • Place bowls of water around your home so the water can evaporate
  • Use a steam bath or warm shower to create water vapor

Discover Your Humidification Options With Help from Our Experts

At Absolute Electrical Heating and Air, we offer a number of different vaporizer and humidifier options that can serve a broad range of needs. Whether you need a small increase in humidity, relief in a single room for a particularly sensitive person, or a whole-home solution for severe cases, we’re the name customers all around Denver have come to trust. Our advice and recommendations have been relied on by many customers, and we’re proud of the immense amount of satisfaction they gain from our quality services and indoor air quality solutions.

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