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Residential boilers are a wonderful choice for a home comfort system. A boiler system does not have as many moving mechanics like heat pumps or a FAU (forced air unit) like a furnace. This means that the boiler system is one of the longer lasting types of home heating systems. Routine maintenance on your boiler can keep it running for much longer than one without routine maintenance. Even with regular maintenance, your boiler will eventually stop working and need replacement.

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Why Replace Your Boiler System?


Old single-pass boilers run at 500 degrees and pass through the entire length of the boiler. Newer more efficient boilers run in a 3-pass system and go through three chambers at 300-350 degrees to waste less heat, which in turn saves money on your energy bill.

Denver boiler installation – Replacing your boiler system should not cause headaches or problems for you and your families comfort. That’s why we offer free estimates, financing, and are licensed and insured.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and we don’t take that lightly.


If your boiler has not been regularly maintained, you might be experiencing noises from the boiler system. This is not normal, boilers are one of the quietest forms of home comfort equipment on the market. Your boiler could need replacement if noise is occurring that is out of the ordinary.

Less Repairs

As your boiler system begins to degrade, it will need more and more repairs causing you more stress when technicians come to your home telling you your boiler system needs more repairs. If you are repairing your boiler four times a year it would likely be worth it to just invest that money into a brand new boiler system.

Absolute Electrical Heating and Air is open 24 hours a day with N.A.T.E and EPA Certified boiler professionals to get your brand-new boiler system installed and bring you comfort again.

Let us install your new boiler! Call Absolute Electrical Heating and Air at 720.381.1767 today and one of our Denver team members will discuss your options with you.

When Should I Replace My Boiler System?

It can be quite apparent when you need to replace a boiler or a natural gas radiant heating system. The worst situation is when your boiler just stops working. This is the most obvious and alarming issue that your boiler could show you when it’s time to replace. When this issue arises, it is important to immediately call us and schedule an appointment for inspection. A few other issues to observe for are:

  • Unusual sounds or noises: As the boiler system ages, abnormal noises can start occurring more often. Some of these noises are normal, but often times not. Those noises can be telling you it’s time to get an Absolute technician out to your home for a boiler inspection.
  • High Natural Gas Bills: If your energy bill has gone up in recent time, through the winter or the summer, it could be because your boiler system is breaking down or not functioning as new. If you have had regular maintenance, your boiler should last you between 10 and 15 years. Without regular maintenance, it is likely your boiler could need emergency replacement or service before 10 years.
  • Leaking: One leak is normal with boiler systems. If there become any additional leaks, the boiler is showing signs of age and will likely need replaced.

Why Choose Absolute For Your Boiler System Installation and Replacement?

Boilers require a highly trained and skilled HVAC technician to work on them. They are complex systems that few can work on. Absolute Electrical Heating and Air is proud to offer boiler installation and replacement to Denver area residents and the surrounding communities.

At Absolute Electrical Heating and Air we are proud to be family-owned and operated – serving the Denver metro area since 2012. You want a team that has experience, skill, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back their work, right? Absolute Electrical Heating and Air provides this through our screened technicians, years of experience with boiler systems, and the newest technology to install boilers. Our boiler technicians are all NATE-certified to ensure the highest quality boiler installation you can find in Denver.

Contact Absolute Electrical Heating and Air today for boiler replacement & installation in the Denver metro area!

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