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What happens when you need power and the grid goes down? The only answer is to have an emergency backup generator installed at your home so that you have and adequate source of alternative power. A standby generator installed in your home can provide the direct power you need for all of your necessities. We will secure all necessary permits with the city and county to make sure you are in compliance with current building codes. Then, the next time there is an emergency and the power is down, the whole neighborhood will be amazed that your lights, appliances and HVAC system are still on and will be turning to you for power.

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Why Is A Backup or Standby Generator Important?

Backup Generator Denver – An Emergency Electric Generators is not just for peace of mind. It is crucial when we have cell phones for communication that need to be charged and food that needs to stay cold in the refrigerator and freezer. Power outages can last from a few hours to a couple days, or even several weeks to months! Natural disasters and weather conditions such as ice storms, snowstorms or tornadoes can quickly turn the grid power off for cities, counties, and states. Animals, accidents, human error, utility failure and utility sabotage or vandalism can also easily send a city into a blackout. This is not a rare occurrence in cities in Colorado like Lakewood, Arvada, Aurora, Commerce City, and Wheat Ridge.

It’s important to be proactive about issues that can affect your family and as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be prepared by installing a whole-house generator or portable emergency generator to keep your family safe, secure and comfortable.

If you have concerns about your current electrical system setup, and whether or not a backup generator may be right for your home, a great place to start is with an electrical inspection in your Denver home.  Our comprehensive electrical inspections can help save your most valuable investment, your home. Contact Absolute Electrical Heating and Air today to have one of our experienced Denver electricians inspect your home before installing your new emergency backup power solution.

What Will A Residential Generator Power?

The generators we recommend you to purchase at Absolute Electrical Heating and Air are robust and designed to help you and your family in a time of need. This means the standby generators we recommend will power a furnace, central air conditioning, appliances, lighting circuits or even an air conditioner unit. It can keep your refrigerator and freezer running, while providing enough power for your electric stovetop and oven.

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What Type of Generator Do I Need?

There are basically two different types of generators that you can use for your residential property; Standby Generators and Portable Generators.

Standby generators are permanently installed, automated backup power systems that use natural gas or liquid propane as their fuel source. This type of generator is often times referred to as a whole-house, whole-home or natural gas generators. Some common brands of whole house standby generators included Generac, ChampionKohler, and Briggs & Stratton.

Portable generators are immediate solutions that can be used temporarily during a power outage. These portable generators also require constant refilling of fuel, either gasoline or propane.

Standby Generators vs Portable Generators

You might be asking yourself, “which generator is the best home use,” and that is a great question. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer. There are different questions that we must dive into, such as what is the fuel source, what are your power demands, do you want a permanently installed solution that is automated, will you want a transfer switch or would you prefer a portable backup power solution? At Absolute Electrical Heating and Air we will listen to your needs and help you decide which type of backup electric generator is the perfect fit for your Denver area home.

Standby Generators


  • A standby generator is a permanently installed automatic power protection system. Professionally installed in an accessible, but discrete area.

Activation or Starting:

  • During a power outage, the generator will turn on automatically once a power outage is detected.

Fuel Source:

  • Standby generators can be fueled by natural gas or liquid propane (LP) and can be directly routed into a current gas line in your home.
  • You will not need to start your standby whole-house generator or fuel it manually. Since the generator can be connected directly to your natural gas or propane line as well as your electric service, the process is completely automated.

What Can It Power:

  • The standby generator can power many items in your home. It can cover basic needs such as the furnace, water heater, well pump, refrigerator, freezer and lighting circuits.
  • It can also provide power to selected high-wattage systems and appliances like your air conditioning or electric stove.

Portable Generators


  • A portable generator typically has wheels or a way to keep the generator mobile. This means you must store it in a cool dry place.
  • It is a good idea to install a transfer switch if you want to plug your new portable generator directly into your panel to provide power to your entire home.
  • Generally portable emergency generators have more limited capacity when compared to a professionally installed emergency standby generator that is permanently installed.

Activation or Starting:

  • Takes effort to start with a pull chord
  • Must be started manually

Fuel Source:

  • Gasoline or liquid propane (LP)
  • Must be refilled often

What Can It Power:

  • Items that are plugged into an extension cord connected to the generator
  • In some cases it may also be able to power your whole home, or a majority of electric circuits, with the additional installation of a transfer switch or generator interlock kit

Will an Electro Magnetic Pulse affect my residential generator?

There are two types of Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMP) that have the potential to affect your home generator. The first is an EMP from the sun called solar flares. These are geomagnetic storms. Second is a high-altitude nuclear blast would render many electric grids useless. There are some crucial components that could fail due to either of these EMPs including, the starter, voltage regulator, rotor and engine. If this is a concern, the best solution is to harden or shield the generator. This is done by sealing the generator with a metal screen mesh or solid metal enclosure in order to protect the generator from the EMP. While that is not the most practical, it is a viable option. The most practical method would be shielding the parts most susceptible damage with a Faraday Cage.

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