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Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms or spaces without the need for traditional duct work.

Ductless mini split are becoming more than just an alternative heating and cooling solution in the Denver Metro area. Mini splits are gaining in popularity as a choice for those who want more control over indoor comfort in their Denver area home. Proper installation of a ductless mini-split system is a priority for your system to work properly.

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What Is A Mini Split Or Ductless Air Conditioning System?

Mini splits are ductless HVAC systems that are debatably one of the most efficient ways to control the temperature inside your home or condominium. They are also commonly known as ductless wall mount mini-split air conditioner and heaters. Ductless air conditioning and heating is perfect for additions, garages, apartments, single-family homes, commercial spaces and places where ducts are not possible to install.

Inside, there is one or more wall mounted units that connect to an outdoor fan and compressor. There is a unit that is attached inside your home to provide the circulation and the unit outside that vents to the fresh air. Unlike a conventional central A/C system that generates cold or warm air at a single point and distributes it via the ducts, the ductless system can be in every room and you have the ability to control temperature for each room. This can make the mini split system more precise, more efficient and cheaper to run than a central A/C system

The indoor unit will blow your hot indoor air over cold evaporator coils. The refrigerant that runs through these coils then travels to the unit outside and removes the heat from your home. During winter, it is the exact opposite. The heat is transferred from the outdoors into heating indoors. Like a common AC it uses the very cold refrigerant to absorb heat from the outdoor environment.

In Colorado it is possible that you will need supplemental heat in addition to the mini splits. People with heat pumps systems might have troubles heating your home when temperatures drop below freezing.

Ductless heating and cooling units are fantastic because you do not need to install any ductwork in your home. That can be a money saver and save valuable time!

The exact mini split system you need depends on variables in your home and your comfort desires. We dive in as we did the research for you! Read on to find out the perfect mini split system for you and your family.

Where Should I Install A Ductless Heater and Air Conditioning?

A mini split is an optimal option for whole home heating or air conditioning if you currently do not have ducting. Ducting is very difficult and costly to install. Mini splits avoid the ductwork entirely by placing small wall units in each of the rooms you wish to control the temperature in.

The mini split is one of the quietest and least noisy comfort control systems you can install in your home or condominium. They are incredibly quiet and energy efficient. Even during extreme weather conditions, mini-splits provide consistent comfortable heat and cooling.

The mini split heat pump is also the most efficient form of heating for your whole home heating needs and can cut energy usage by 60% according to EnergyStar. This can save you between $1,000 and $2,000 annually on energy costs alone.

Learn more about installing a ductless mini-split system in your home – Call Absolute Electrical Heating and Air today at 720.381.1767.

Which Mini Split Do I Need?

There are a lot of options in the mini split market. Each option has its’ own purpose to help keep you comfortable:

Single-Zone Mini Split

The single-zoned mini split is a single indoor unit and a single outdoor unit. This is the setup for an single room. If you would like to control the temperature in multiple rooms or your whole home or condominium, this is not the option for you.

Multi-Zone Mini Split

The multi-zone mini split system is two or more indoor units for one outdoor unit. Even though the there is one outdoor unit, all the indoor units can be in separate rooms and ran by the one outdoor unit.

Wall Mounted Mini Split

The wall mounted mini split is one of the most popular styles of mini split. In this setup the indoor unit is installed six to eight feet raised on the wall. It is one of the least expensive options.

Floor Mounted Mini Split

The floor mounted mini split is similar to the wall mounted unit. They are installed at the bottom of the wall instead of six to eight feet up the wall.

Ceiling Cassette Mini Split

Ceiling cassette mini split systems are installed into the ceiling. They are almost invisible because of this. Unlike the floor and wall mounts, the ceiling cassette is a sleek option that can stay basically out of sight.

What Size Mini Split Do I need?

Mini Splits come in different sizes to cool and heat different size homes, condominiums, apartments, additions and garages. To properly size a mini split you must know the square footage of the room you’d like to heat or cool. A properly sized mini split is the best way to save money on the initial investment and your electricity bill.

To install a mini split properly, you will need to compare the size of your rooms in square footage to the BTU of the mini split system you would like to purchase. Below we have an easy-to-interpret BTU comparison chart:

If your ceilings are higher than eight feet, add 20% more BTUs.

If your climate has days that are seasonally over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, add 30% BTUs

Where Do I Install A Mini Split?

The beauty of the mini split system is that it can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Not all locations are created equal. Some spaces might be better suited for a mini split your home or condominium.

Ideal locations For A Mini Split

The first requirement for a mini split is that it be placed in a location where the air can circulate and be spread evenly throughout the room. It should allow for easy access to the air filter for regular cleaning as well as the louvers. If it is in a bedroom, the mini split should be above the bed or close to the bed to allow for maximum cooling or heating.

Installing A Mini Split in The Attic

If you do want to install a mini split in your attic it is possible, and we can do that for you! We will then route the mini split from the attic to a ceiling cassette system. This allows the heated or cooled air to be distributed around your home or condominium evenly. This is the easiest way to hide the sight of the mini split, but still get the benefits of cooling and heating separate rooms. If you would like ducting as well that is possible.

Placement of the Outdoor Fan, Compressor, and Heat Pump

The outdoor compressor is necessary to allow for the heat pump and condenser to reach fresh air. Preferably, the outdoor compressor is in the most open and well-ventilated area. It is also important to have it in a location where it is accessible for the repairs and maintenance from the technician.

We understand this is not always the most desirable location and will work with you to find the perfect location for your mini split’s outdoor compressor and heat pump.

What Is A Heat Pump and How Does A Mini Split Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump is a part of the mini split system efficient unit that provides warm air to your home or condominium. It is an energy-efficient option to the traditional furnace and air conditioner. It can be combined with baseboard heaters to provide even more heat for very cold climates.

The heat pump itself does not create heat. It redistributes heat from the ground or air and uses the refrigerant in the system to circulate heat between the indoor unit and the outdoor compressor.

Powering the Mini Split

It can be confusing what kind of outlet you will need to install to get your mini split up and running to cool and heat your home. Typically, they will need a special 220-volt power plug. The breaker will have to have additional space and size to be able to accommodate the additional voltage. Some smaller mini splits are 110 though. These are the small 9k to 12k BTU systems for a square footage of 650 and under.

Which Brand of Mini Split Should I Get?

There is a lot of brands to choose from when you are considering a mini split. It can be intimidating to choose which brand might be right for your home or condominium.

That’s where we come in! We can access the size of your home, your needs, and give you an accurate quote on the best and correct mini split brand for you.

Mini Split Problems and Issues

Since Mini Splits are used instead of a conventional furnace and A/C system, they can be prone to problems and need repair.

  • Is the mini split system 110 or 220 volts?
  • Why is the mini split system freezing?
  • Can mini split lines run up?
  • Mini split not heating
  • Mini split leaking water
  • Mini split not cooling
  • Mini split with ducts
  • Mini split smells like
  • Is ductless air conditioning worth it?
  • Which Ductless air conditioning is the best?
  • Does ductless air conditioning increase home value?

At Absolute Electrical Heating and Air, we can answer all these questions and ease your mind about having a brand-new mini split installed into your home. Mini splits do need regular maintenance so it is important if you are having problems with fish smells, vinegar smells, no cooling, or no heating that you call us immediately to remedy the issue. We offer ductless AC Installation in Northglenn CO, Denver, Boulder, Commerce City and the surrounding communities.

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