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Genesee CO Electricians – Maintaining a safe, functional, and comfortable living environment is crucial for the safety of your family. Your home’s electrical system powers every aspect of your life. This includes entertainment, work, and everything else. It is not uncommon for electrical systems to have problems from time to time due to the constant demands they face. Electrical problems can cause serious damage and even small malfunctions that could lead to a complete disruption of your life. These problems, while seemingly minor at first glance, can quickly become more serious and cause even more damage to your house. Absolute Electrical Heating & Air has decades of experience in the field and can provide professional and prompt electric repair and replacement services in Genesee, CO.

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Our electricians are highly trained and well equipped to deal with any type of electrical problem, including simple lighting fixtures or a complete overhaul of your entire electrical system. Absolute Electrical Heating and Air promises unrivaled services in Genesee, CO.

Absolute Electrical Heating and Air in Genesee is your trusted choice for high-quality, reliable electrical services. We offer prompt service and competitive pricing, no matter if you require an upgrade to an existing electrical panel or an inspection of the electrical system before you move into a new house.

Do not attempt to repair your electrics yourself. Absolute Electrical Heating & Air has highly qualified experts who will complete the job quickly and accurately.


Our electrical outlets are something we all take for granted. Although they are convenient for plugging in appliances, they can also be unreliable when you need to charge your phone or use a laptop. Although most people are comfortable with the fact that electrical outlets can be temperamental it is important to address the issue when the inconvenience becomes a daily problem. A malfunctioning outlet can cause disruption to your day and make it difficult to get your work done. You also don’t want to lose productivity.

Absolute Electrical Heating & Air can help you take a deep breath and get the job done. We are an electrical contractor that offers full-service residential and commercial repairs and installations. We are your one-stop shop for all your electrical needs. We can help with all aspects of electrical installations and repairs, including an outlet that won’t turn on, or a breaker that keeps tripping.


Knowing what causes an outlet to go out can help you avoid similar situations in the future. These are the most common reasons outlets can go “out”, and how to prevent them from ever happening again.

  • Burned Out Outlet

    Although it is not as common, damage to an outlet’s socket can cause it to stop functioning. The contacts can become corroded over time and cause a connection to fail. It is important to replace burned-out outlets with brand new ones in order to prevent this. It will not only prevent future problems, but also prolong the life of your electric equipment. It is recommended to contact an electrician if your outlets start acting up.

  • Faulty Outlet

    Each outlet can be a point of failure in an electrical circuit. Poor construction, corrosion, and improper installation can all lead to outlets becoming faulty. Poor wiring and faulty components are the most common reasons for an outlet to become faulty. This can lead to serious consequences for the outlet and the equipment that is connected to it. This can lead to fire in the worst case scenario. It is important to hire an electrician to identify and repair faulty outlets.

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker

    Circuit breakers are an important component of your home or business. Circuit breaker are used to cut off electricity flow in case of overload, energy surges or other malfunction in the electrical system. Circuit breakers, like all electrical components have a life span. Circuit breakers age and eventually fail. This can lead to inability to interrupt electricity flow. Circuit breaker trips can happen even when there isn’t a surge or overload. This causes constant hassle and is often difficult to fix. Circuit breakers are easy to replace and relatively affordable so call an electrician to deal with the inconvenience.


Absolute Electrical Heating and Air, Genesee’s top electrical contractor, is the right choice for all your electrical needs. We have the expertise and training to help you with any type of electrical installation or repair. We can replace outlets or repair circuit breakers. Our professionals are available to assist with any electrical installation or repair, and our emergency service is available 24 hours a day.

Upgrades to Electrical Panels

A variety of electrical panels are installed in commercial and residential buildings. They act as the building’s backbone. These panels are responsible for distributing electricity throughout the building. These panels are generally in good working order, but they may fail for a variety of reasons. These can range from severe weather damage to malfunctioning circuit breakers. However, regardless of the reason for damage, electrical panels should be maintained and monitored by professionals. Absolute Electrical Heating & Air can assist with any electrical panel repair or replacement.

Emergency Services

Sometimes electrical problems can happen at the worst times. It doesn’t matter if it happens during a storm or when you are getting ready to go to bed, having an emergency electrician available is crucial. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to respond quickly to any emergency. We are Genesee’s number one electrician company. Our quick service and dedication to quality workmanship have made us the best in Genesee.

Fan Installations

Are you looking to replace your fan with one that is more energy-efficient? Or perhaps to switch to eco-friendly models? Absolute Electrical Heating & Air can help you no matter what your reason may be. We are experts in installing fan systems of any type and brand. Give us a call to discuss your needs and one of our highly-trained technicians will assist you.

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting can make or break a space. Although this is a gross overstatement, the truth is that lighting can make a space more inviting and comfortable. Outdoor areas are no different. Make sure you have the right lighting fixtures if you plan to improve your outdoor space. Absolute Electrical Heating & Air has a wide range of lighting options and fixtures that can be customized to fit any space or need. We have everything you need, from high-quality downlights and innovative post-mounted fixtures.

Life & Home Safety

Hire a reliable electrical contractor that is experienced in installing security systems. This will protect your family and valuable possessions. Absolute Electrical Heating & Air can help protect your family and valuable possessions. You can be sure that we are available 24X7 to help you.

Electric Inspections

Did you know that many electrical systems can fail without warning? This is especially true for older homes with poor wiring and inadequate electrical systems. Professional assistance can help you avoid expensive electrical problems down the line. Absolute Electrical Heating & Air can help with your commercial and home electrical inspections. We can help with all of your electrical inspection needs, from checking for potential fire hazards to checking for unsafe wiring.

Repairs & Troubleshooting

Even if your appliances are well maintained, eventually they will stop working. While most appliances can be fixed by you, it’s better to hire a professional to troubleshoot and repair them. Our technicians have the necessary skills and training to repair any appliance. They will get your appliances running again like new. Give our customer service representatives a call and they will dispatch our technicians right away to your home.

Vehicle Charging Stations

Are you an owner of an electric vehicle? If so, you are familiar with the difficulty of finding a charging station for your electric car. In remote areas, it can be difficult to find charging stations for electric vehicles. At-home is your personal, convenient vehicle charging station. You can charge your car in your garage, driveway, or attic, and enjoy the true joys of modern transportation. Absolute Electrical Heating & Air has a variety of charging stations for vehicles, including wall-mounted and floor-mounted charging stations. We are happy to help you with your charging station needs by sharing them with our customer representatives.


Absolute Electrical Heating & Air is a reliable and experienced electrical contractor in Genesee, CO. We have electricians who are well-trained and ready to help you with any type of electrical installation or repair. We can replace outlets or repair circuit breakers. We can help you with everything.



Absolute Electrical Heating & Air is a company that exceeds expectations and delivers exceptional results. Our team will take care of whatever you need. Our team will respond quickly to any request, whether it is to repair your heater in winter or to schedule an inspection of your electrical system. We are available to assist you with any emergency, provide detailed estimates and finance options. Our team of highly-trained AC, heater, and electrical technicians is here to help make your life easier.

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