Talk about business integrity!

We asked Absolute Electrical Heating and Air to make a house call to talk about replacing our venting system and failing boiler. Their technicians were polite and knowledgeable. It was determined that they could only assist us with the “venting portion” and not the installation of a boiler. They then told us that it would cost quite a bit more to hire them for just the venting and that whomever we hire to install a new boiler would likely do the venting portion for less money. The technicians DIDN’T NEED to tell us that and could have easily looked to secure that portion of the job. WOW…and it gets better… they also had to travel 2 hours round trip and DIDN’T ask for a trip fee! Talk about business INTEGRITY! Absolute Electrical Heating and Air, I’m a big fan! Besides the top notch technical services you provide, your ‘work ethic’ is one that other companies can learn from. So impressed!