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Keeping your family comfortable all year around can be a difficult task, even more so when your boiler breaks down and needs repair. We understand that it can be frustrating and time consuming. That’s why we offer the easiest ways to book instantly online and the best Boiler and HVAC technicians in Denver. Thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can call on us for any job and know it will be done right! We’re ready to come to your rescue.

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When is it Time to Repair or Replace Your Boiler?

Residential boilers are a wonderful choice for a home comfort system. A hydronic heating system can provide many years of comfortable, affordable and reliable heating for your home. Proper Maintenance is the best way to keep your boiler from needing costly repairs. Unfortunately, like all other HVAC systems, a residential boiler has a limited lifespan. That lifespan can also depend on how often you were maintaining and cleaning the boiler system. Common signs you need a repair on your boiler system are:

  • Increasing energy bills – While it is normal for your energy bill to be higher in peak seasons like August heat or December cold, unusual increases are typically signs that your boiler system needs to be repaired
  • Uncommon noises from your boiler system throughout your home – Boiler systems are the quietest home comfort systems on the market. If you hear noises from your boiler that is a good sign to call a professional like Absolute Electrical Heating and Air
  • Any smell from your boiler – This is especially important as this could lead to a carbon monoxide leak and can cause serious harm to you and your family if not repaired
  • Leaking – If your boiler is leaking any kind of water or moisture from the pipes, that can be detrimental. Boiler systems are under extreme pressure to create steam. If the system were to expand that leak and explode it would be catastrophic not only for your boiler, but your home and family.

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms coming from your boiler, give our experienced team of boiler professionals a call. We’d be happy to come out and diagnose the problem and help guide in determining the best solution for your unique needs.

If you need help with your boiler or hot water heater, contact our professionals to solve your problem quickly and safely!

Quality Tankless Water Heater Repair or Replacement

Much like any other home appliance, your tankless water heater has a finite lifespan, and when it starts reaching the end of that time frame, you’re likely going to want to call an experienced local professional to help you.

At Absolute Electrical Heating and Air, we’re the premier tankless water heater repair experts in the Denver area, and our team of Electrical and HVAC technicians has the skill and experience necessary to help you with all of your tankless water heater repair needs. Are you looking for a professional Denver area contractor who can help with your tankless water heater problems? If so, give our team a call today and let us show you the kind of quality results that have helped make us the most trusted name in tankless water heater installation, replacement and repair the area has to offer.

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Benefits Of a Tankless Water Heater in Denver

Tankless water heaters are a fantastic upgrade to your home by increasing your hot water supply to basically unlimited amount of water, lowering your overall energy costs, and future proofing your biggest asset: your home, condominium, or business. While appliance upgrades like the water heater can be costly and confusing, Absolute Electrical Heating and Air makes the upgrade to tankless seamless and cost effective for you and your family.

  • Small Footprint – Tankless water heaters are incredibly small for their nearly unlimited output of hot water. They are mounted to the wall and can fit in even most closets. If space is limited in your home or condominium, a tankless water heater can give you costly real estate space back.
  • Save on energy costs – Since traditional water heaters standby with hot water, they are wasting energy when you are not using them. This is due to the pilot light staying lit and keeping the water inside the tank hot. According to the US Department of Energy, on demand water heaters can be 24% to 34% more energy efficient than a conventional storage tank water heater. Their small size also allows you to install an on demand hot water heater at each hot water outlet increasing the savings on your energy cost upwards of 50%.
  • Longer lasting – The tankless water heater is the longest lasting hot water option on the market. It will last you 20 years if it is well maintained. That is more than double the life of a traditional storage tank water heater.

Gas vs Electric Tankless Water Heater

There are two options when it comes to the energy used to power your tankless water heater. It will either be natural gas or electric. Typically, we recommend going with the fuel type that is already installed in your Denver area home whether that be gas or electric.

Although if you are looking to save money in the long term, natural gas is a cheaper energy source in Denver and the surrounding communities. Natural gas tankless water heaters have a higher initial cost but will lower over time due to a lower fuel source cost. Adding gas lines can be expensive but might be worth it if you would also like to add a gas oven and stove system.

If you’d like to add a gas line, contact the professionals, Absolute Electrical Heating and Air, to get to up and running in no time.

We Will Come to the Rescue 24/7 - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sometimes you need boiler or tankless water heater repairs right away. When the situation cannot be put off until the next business day and you need help now, Absolute Electrical Heating and Air proudly offers 24/7 emergency and same-day services. When you need help fast, you can count on Absolute Electrical Heating and Air to provide you with reliable solutions, fair pricing and outstanding customer service!

If you need boiler repair or tankless water heater service or if you’re considering installing a new boiler or replacing your current water heater, give the experts at Absolute Electrical Heating and Air a call at (720) 381-1767. We look forward to answering all of your heating and cooling related questions and concerns, as well as providing you with the top quality service you expect and deserve. Regular maintenance on your home’s boiler system can make a big difference when it comes to enhancing the lifespan of your system. Let Absolute Electrical Heating and Air help keep your boiler running efficiently, and at peak performance.

For emergency boiler and tankless water heater services that exceed every expectation, contact Absolute Electrical Heating and Air.

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