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3 Wireless Control Electrical Outlets

Here are Some Wireless Control Tips!

A smart home makes life easier and more convenient. It gives homeowners remote access to electronic devices, appliances, and even the HVAC system. You can manage your lights from a smartphone, even your heating might come on at a scheduled time. However, turning your house into a smart home isn’t cheap.

If you love the idea of being able to power entertainment, lighting, and other appliances without having to spend a huge sum of money, consider getting a wireless-controlled electrical outlet.

Convenience is one of the key selling points on these electronic outlets. With a touch of a button, you can power your lights and appliances without getting up from your bed or couch. Some devices even allow you to control everything even if you’re away from home.

Here are our top picks for the best wireless control electrical outlets.

Belkin WeMo Switch

Price: $49

The Belkin WeMo Switch is a wi-fi enabled smart plug that allows you to control your appliances from your smartphone. Any device that is plugged into the outlet can be controlled remotely through a mobile app. You can turn off appliances remotely even if you’re halfway to the office. The WeMo also allows users to set schedules and timers. You can set on and off times for your appliances and lights. With this device, you will never come home a dark house

The WeMo switch is easy to use. Simply plug the device into an electrical outlet. Launch the WeMo app, set it up and get it running in no time. No hub or subscription is required. Its wallet-friendly price and plug-and-play simplicity will appeal to many budding home automation features.

Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch

Price: $30

Etekcity’s outlet switch allows you to remotely control household appliances from across the room or even on the second floor. It has a strong RF signal that works through walls and doors without interfering with other devices. It has a compact design that fits in tight spaces; thus, making it easier for you to control hard to reach devices and appliances.

Outlets are easily programmed to fit your needs. You can configure whichever device you want to be able to control with a remote.

Insteon On/Off Outlet

Price: $60

Just like the other outlets on the list, the Insteon On/Off Outlet allows you to power and control your home appliances remotely. But what sets it apart from the others is that it comes with two built-in smart sockets. You can control the upper and lower socket independently. It gives you the flexibility of controlling two appliances from a single wireless control electrical outlet.

The Insteon On/Off Outlet can be controlled using a remote control device, your smartphone, an Apple watch or control directly at the outlet.

For more information about wireless electrical outlets or to get some installed in your home, give the experts at Absolute Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air a call!


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