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Why You Should Consider Repiping a House

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Quality pipes usually last for decades; however, some can turn out to be faulty from the get-go. The longevity of your pipes also depends on several factors, such as the weather, the type of plumbing material used, and exposure to high water pressure.

If your plumbing pipes are relatively new, repairs are still possible, which is less expensive than a replacement. However, if they are already outdated and are starting to show signs of disrepair, you may need to consider repiping.

The Repiping Process

The process is straightforward since it involves the complete inspection of the plumbing system from the water meter up to the sewer line. The aim is to determine whether your house needs a small-spot replacement or a whole-house repiping. With the latter, the entire pipeline is removed and new pipes are installed and connected to the appropriate part of the home.

Afterward, the water supply is turned on to check for pipe leaks. If one is detected, the needed correction is made. The repiping is completed with the sealing of the drywall or floor cement so the pipelines can be covered. However, the speed of completion tends to vary depending on the size of the property, the needed materials, and the number of pipes that have to be installed.

Repiping a House: Signs That You Need One

To avoid the risk of structural damage, take note of the warning signs below, and hire an expert plumber for immediate home repiping.

1. Water Discoloration

Corroded or rusted steel pipes can lead water to appear reddish, yellowish, or brownish. As your pipes deteriorate, the rusted parts can chip off and stain the water as it flows into your supply line. This is usually the reason your faucet, shower, and kitchen water comes off as somewhat unclear or blurry. The color is not only an eyesore, it can also be hazardous to your health.

2. Leaks

If you find yourself fixing leaks a lot of times, this could be an indication of corroding pipes. A skilled plumber can easily work on minor leaks without replacing your lines, but plumbing replacement might be recommended if the basic repairs are no longer enough.

3. Low Water Pressure

Decreased water pressure can be a sign of unknown piping issues. If you have aging plumbing, rust may have already set in. If the pressure weakens further, schedule an inspection right away.

4. Unusual Pipe Noises

Strange noises inside your walls are clear indications of aging or compromised pipes.

These usually occur due to irregularity in the water pressure or to an old blockage in your plumbing system. Either way, your pipes become increasingly unstable because of the problem, so you need to refer this to a professional plumber as soon as you can.

5. Pipe Material

Many modern homes have brass, copper, or PVC pipes, while generally older dwellings use iron, galvanized steel, and lead. Regardless of what pipe is used, all plumbing pipes will get old eventually, and this can affect their performance.

With proper care, however, polyvinyl chloride (PCV) pipes can last for 45 years, while those fashioned from copper can stay functional for up to 80 years. Cast-iron pipes, brass, and galvanized steel are known to last for about a century.

5. No Upgrade

If you had your home or business built before 1970, replacing your pipes is strongly recommended. However, if you home remodeling plans, you can save on costs by including a repiping job, especially while installing a new bathroom.

Benefits of Repiping a House

Outdated pipes can cause damage to your home and may even put your health at risk. Home repiping services can provide you with the following benefits:

1. Increased Home Value

Having your pipelines replaced means that you care for your home and are willing to keep it in good condition. This effort should payoff when the time comes to have the house sold. Potential buyers often prefer houses where there are hardly any plumbing issues.

2. Improved Water Quality

If you have second thoughts about replacing plumbing pipes because of the high costs involved, think of your health and safety and how this can be a priceless investment. Also, when repiping, plumbing materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are great choices as you won’t have to deal with rust developing on your pipelines.

3. No Water Pressure Issues

Corrosion on your water lines can eventually restrict water flow. Thus, you’ll notice that the stream of water flowing from your faucet is not as strong as it used to be. Replacing worn-out piping can restore your home’s default water pressure, allowing you to use water under more convenient terms.

4. Increased Water Damage Protection

Repiping a house can be costly, especially when there are leaks on the walls and floors. Still, it can offer you years of well-conditioned pipes that can withstand damage. Consider it as an “insurance policy” that will provide you with the needed safety.

5. Reduced Water Bills

If your water bills are soaring despite your conservation efforts, cracks in the pipelines could be the culprit. In this case, the issue is often confined to one area so only a section of the pipeline needs to be replaced. However, if you find water discoloration and leak marks, the pipes may already be corroded; repiping the entire house may have to be considered.

Key Takeaway

The idea of repiping easily conjures up images of a ruined house facade amidst a sea of never-ending costs. It can be downright scary, which is the reason many homeowners don’t readily approve the idea whenever they notice serious signs of plumbing problems.

Yet, a repiping job can benefit you and your household in many different ways. This can range from having reduced water bill charges to getting stronger water pressure. In other words, the expenses and the inconvenience that you could face from repiping is worth it when looking at the benefits that you can gain once the job gets completed.

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