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When To Replace Electrical Outlets

When To Replace Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are an item most people don’t think about very often. Most homeowners don’t realize that there may be a reason to replace their home’s electrical outlets.

Take a few minutes to inspect your home’s outlets if you haven’t done so in a while. It’s time to replace electrical outlets if you notice any of the following:

  • You Have Cracked Outlets: Cracks may seem harmless, but they can pose a significant fire hazard. Dust can enter the outlet through the crack and may ignite, causing a fire.
  • You Have Loose Connections: Loose connections from overuse can cause outlets to overheat. If your plugs don’t fit snugly you should replace the outlet, or hire an electrician to do it for you.
  • You Hear An Outlet Buzzing: If your outlet is buzzing the outlet may be arcing, which is a serious hazard. Buzzing can be caused by loose connections in the outlet or faulty wiring. Have an electrician get to the bottom of the problem right away.
  • When You Touch An Outlet It Feels HotAre the outlet face plate and screws warm or hot to the touch? If so, overheating is likely. This can be caused by excess power flowing through the outlet. Replacing the outlet with one that’s designed to handle a larger current should solve this problem.
  • You See Discolored Outlets: Burn or soot marks on an electrical outlet or the surrounding wall is an indication that the outlet is worn out. You should replace it, and make sure to inspect the wiring.
  • You’re Getting Shocked: If you feel a shock when plugging in or unplugging a device from an outlet, it’s a sign that the outlet is no good. There could be a wire shorting out or the wiring connected to the outlet may have had its insulation compromised. If this happens, discontinue using the outlet and have it replaced right away.
  • Your Outlets Are Outdated: Electronics have come a long way, which means the demands on your home’s electrical system could be taxed. If you’ve been in your home many years and have never replaced your outlets, consider doing so. New outlets have evolved to meet the increase on household electrical demands.
  • 3-Prong is the Way To Go: If your home still has 2-pronged outlets, you should replace them with 3-pronged grounded outlets. It’s also a safe and smart move to replace old electrical outlets with GFCI outlets (ground fault circuit interrupters) which can shut off power when improper current flow is detected.
  • You Want A Quick Room Pick Me Up: Adding something as simple as an updated outlet face plate can add a pop of color or a new look to any room. Check out what your local store has to offer, there are many great options to choose from.

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