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Toilet Gurgling: Causes and Prevention

The sound of a toilet being flushed is normal in any home. It’s a good indication that their plumbing is in sound condition. However, when the sound changes even just slightly, there’s this immediate sense that something is not right with the toilet. This is especially true when you start hearing a strange toilet gurgling sound.

Actually, the sound is not totally alien as most households experience this with their toilets. This doesn’t mean though that a gurgling toilet is best left alone, because the sound is an indication of an underlying problem with your plumbing system. It’s telling you that your toilet is not well, and you need to find out why.

What causes a toilet to gurgle?

The most common reason behind any gurgling sound that your toilet produces is a blockage. In other words, you have a clogged toilet, and the culprit could be anything that you may have flushed down the bowl but should not have. The flushing action may appear to have been successful, but if it’s not fecal waste, it likely didn’t go straight to the sewage system. It got stuck somewhere, and when similar items are eventually flushed down, these will soon accumulate in your toilet, ultimately blocking water flow.

Below are other reasons a toilet might gurgle.

1. The toilet pipes are pressurized.

Sometimes, bubbling sounds coming from your toilet is due to the water pressure that runs through the pipes. If the pressure is too strong, this can produce a gurgling sound in the toilet bowl. If there’s a clog in the pipes, the movement of the pressure can get disrupted, causing a suction-like movement so air can escape. The outlet for this air is usually your toilet.

2. The toilet Is old or outdated.

 ABP-Old Toilet

The dreaded low-flow toilet, which was designed and manufactured in the mid-90s as a reaction to the water conservation laws enacted at that time, has made flushing waste pretty inefficient. If you have this type of outdated toilet, chances are it’s going to clog and cause some gurgling sound. The best way to go around this is, of course, to replace the old toilet with a more modern one.

3. The toilet trap is clogged.

This part of your toilet keeps sewer gasses from making its way to your home and in holding standing water found in the bowl. Ideally, the toilet trap should be free of any debris like dental floss, disposable tissues, sanitary napkins, and many other items. If any of these gets flushed down, your toilet could backup. In this case, a plunger might not work anymore. The expertise of a licensed plumber is what you’ll need to resolve the issue.

4. There’s a problem with the main sewer line.

If your toilet plumbing is running fine, the cause of toilet gurgling could be due to the main sewer line. The pipes in this line could have become corroded, or grease may have built up significantly. Any blockages in this portion of the sewage system will have a major effect on your home plumbing.

5. The wrong toilet paper is being used.

Most people believe that toilet paper breaks up quickly when it is flushed down. This is only partially correct because it will still depend on the brand that you’re using. Some toilet paper products appear luxurious, but they contain materials that don’t decompose easily. If your toilet is starting to produce gurgling sounds, it’s possible that there’s already toilet paper accumulation down below.

6. The toilet bowl is filled up.

 ABP-Toilet Bowl

No major plumbing tool is needed if you have a clogged toilet bowl. The blockage just needs to be manually taken out, although the act can be a bit unnerving to some. Other than that, you need to ensure that no item is allowed to float atop the toilet water so flushing can work without the gurgling sounds.

7. The toilet drain is blocked.

Blockages located in the drain of your toilet can be easily remedied by removing all visible surface waste like hair strands and toilet paper. These are the usual culprits for toilet drain clogs. Once these are removed, drain water should move freely, but if you still hear toilet gurgling sounds, it means there are still remaining blockages.

8. The toilet tank is damaged.

Water is considered as the heart of a toilet as it plays a crucial role in the flushing process. Equally important is the toilet tank where water is released when flushing and after that fills the toilet bowl.

Over time, the tank can malfunction due to wear and tear, producing strange sounds when used. A plumber will usually determine if repairing the tank is still possible. Otherwise, tank replacement may have to be considered.

How To Fix a Clogged Toilet

There are several ways of resolving a toilet problem, particularly clogs. Listed below are the most common steps.

1. Maintain the tank.

Sediments can accumulate in and around your toilet, especially in the tank, and this can affect the flow of water in the area. Rather than waiting for clogs to happen, it’s better to keep them from occurring in the first place.

For the toilet tank, examine the color of the water regularly. If it’s brownish or reddish, it’s a sign that there’s a buildup of sediments. If the water is blackish, you have a dirty tank, which you can clean by brushing it with bleach.

2. Use a drain cleaner.

To clarify, this means using natural drain cleaners. Commonly, this refers to a mixed solution of baking soda and vinegar. Commercial drain cleaning products are known to contain harsh chemicals which can be harmful to your pipes.

3. Grab a plunger.

For any clogged toilet, the suctioning power of the plunger is often an effective solution. Simply push and pull and expect your plunger to remove the clogs in your toilet.

4. Call a plumber.

Many homeowners sometimes see this as a last resort. Actually, this should always be the primary option whenever you have household plumbing problems. Whether it’s a minor or major toilet plumbing issue, it can be efficiently resolved when you refer it to experts.

Key Takeaway

Toilet gurgling is common in many households, and could be a sign of a serious plumbing problem. Proper maintenance and regular inspection of your toilet, however, can help in preventing this issue from developing further.

Doing a DIY repair on a problematic toilet is quite popular, but they are rarely successful, Getting a professional plumber to do the repair is still your best bet. In this way, the root of the problem can be identified and the needed fix made quickly so you can enjoy the normal sound of a flushing toilet.

Trust Absolute Electrical Heating and Air to help you out with all your toilet troubles.

Believe it or not, some people are scared of the toilet, especially on dark nights and strange sounds seem to come from this part of the home. If you do hear such sounds, let Absolute Electrical Heating and Air investigate the matter for you.

There is likely a clog in your toilet, and our plumber in Littleton can determine this. Expect them to provide you with top-notch plumbing services the way we always have for many years. Call us today and we’ll prove this.


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