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These Heating Mistakes Will Cost You This Winter

Most people do ill-advised things in the pursuit of a lower heating bill only to end up paying more. Do you want to risk adding to your list of expenses? If your answer is no, you should avoid making these common heating mistakes:

Shutting Vents In Unoccupied Rooms

Some people operate on the false assumption that closing the vents to unoccupied rooms will save energy. On the contrary — vents should remain open to allow for the even distribution of air throughout your home. If you close any vents, the pressure will build up in the ducts, straining your HVAC equipment. Besides, all that air has to go somewhere. A closed vent forces air out of leaks that are likely present in your ductwork.

Setting the Thermostat Higher Than Usual

You arrive home from work to find it chillier than you like, so you crank the thermostat up, hoping for a rapid warm-up. This isn’t doing your HVAC system or your wallet any favors.

Here’s the deal: High temperatures won’t heat up your home any faster. Instead, your heating system will just run longer, wasting energy. And when it does finally reach your desired temperature, you’ll likely adjust it down. Constantly adjusting your thermostat can hurt your efforts to save money on your heating bill. The secret is to set your thermostat at an optimal temperature and forget it.

Turning Your Heater On and Off

Your heater does more than just keep you warm. It also prevents your pipes in your home from freezing. Therefore, if you turn your heater off completely, as some people do before they leave for work, you and your pipes will bear the brunt of wintry weather. Plumbing issues may develop as a result. We’re talking burst pipes!

Furthermore, every room will be unbearably cold by the time you come back. The colder your home is the harder your heating system will have to work to overcome the difference. Program your thermostat instead. Schedule it to operate at a lower temperature while you’re away. Better yet, get a smart thermostat, which adjusts automatically based on your comings and goings.

Relying On Your Fireplace

If you only need to heat up one room, your fireplace will do the job. And aside from the cost of wood, it’s essentially free heat, so we see the appeal. However, don’t depend on it as your primary source for warmth. Heating with wood is labor-intensive and much of the heat is wasted through the chimney. You’d be better off using your fireplace as a supplement to your central heating system.

Using Space Heaters

Like fireplaces, space heaters can be useful for a small space, but they are incapable of meeting your home’s heating demands. Keep in mind that they are electrical devices. If you place one in each room, can you imagine how high your monthly energy bill will be? The amount may surprise you. Plus, some spaces are a fire hazard. Use them with caution.

Neglecting to Seal Openings

When you first feel a draft coming from under your door, take the time to add a door sweep. You can also use caulk or weather stripping to seal gaps. Failure to seal all doors and windows can result in a colder home. Your furnace won’t be able to counteract the problem without consuming more power.

Forgetting a Seasonal HVAC Tune-up

Your heating system has a big job ahead of it. Routine maintenance will extend its lifespan and keep it operating at peak efficiency. Neglect a tune-up and you risk an HVAC breakdown in the middle of a frigid Colorado winter.

Bottom line: These bad heating habits are costing you money and comfort! For all your heating needs, contact us at 720-669-4188


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