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Switch to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Save Energy

Proper lighting can do wonders for the ambiance, comfort, and convenience in every room. It can also make you feel relaxed and productive. However, lighting can also contribute to high electric bills.

Lighting is one of the biggest energy sources in the home, eating up as much as 20% of your annual electric bill. As such, more and more homeowners are in search of energy efficient bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking to save money on electricity.

What are compact fluorescent light bulbs?

A compact fluorescent light bulb is a low-wattage, energy efficient light bulb that is designed to replace halogen lamps or incandescent light bulbs. They emit light when a mixture of 3 phosphors are exposed to ultraviolet light from mercury atoms.

Unlike traditional fluorescent bulbs, many CFLs come with an integrated ballast. They screw into the same socket as an incandescent and utilize a spiral design; thus, making it compact.

Are CFL’s energy efficient?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are created as a more energy efficient option for conventional incandescent applications. CFL uses only a fraction of the wattage of incandescent light to produce the same amount of light. This is a great solution for areas with too little light. It also requires much less energy. In fact, it only uses one-fifth to one-third electric power.

A CFL that uses 30 watts shines with the same number of lumens as an incandescent light that uses 75 watts. So instead of using a CFL with the same wattage as the incandescent lamp, choose a CFL with the equivalent brightness. This way, you will get more light without spending a huge sum of money.

While a compact fluorescent light bulb may be more expensive than an incandescent lamp, it still translates into some serious cost savings. Not only is it energy efficient, it also lasts 8 to 15 times longer. That means it costs less over the lifetime of the bulb, making it a smart investment.

If you’re still using incandescent lights in your home, we highly recommend that you replace all bulbs with CFLs. By simply screwing in a CFL bulb, you can start saving about 70-90% right away. Plus, it also eliminates the excess heat produced by incandescent lights; thus, contributing to the reduction of your cooling cost. Reduced consumption is good news for your wallet.

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