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Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

If you are having electrical issues in your home, it may be time to upgrade your electrical panel. What are signs that you might need an upgrade?

Flickering Lights

Today’s modern homes use much more electricity than in the past. If you see your lights flickering or dimming, this could be a sign your panel is not up to the task. This happens often in older homes. Your electrical panel may not have been designed to keep up with today’s home electrical usage.

Hot to the Touch

Other signs that you need an upgrade include your panel getting hot to the touch during high usage times. It might even show signs of melting or corrosion. You could also see your appliances failing to perform correctly.

Circuit Breakers Tripping

If your circuit breakers trip when using multiple appliances, this is another sign it is a time to upgrade. And if your panel has fuses instead of circuit breakers, this too could indicate an upgrade. Although fuses are cheaper to install, they may not be appropriate for your home and could be less safe. A professional can help you design a system that is correct for your needs.

New Addition

If you have recently built an addition to your home, you may need a larger panel to handle the additional load. If your electrical panel is insufficient for your needs, this is also an obvious safety concern.

Call a Professional

In the past, homes were generally outfitted with 60-amp electrical panels. Today that number is 100 amps or larger. How do you know if you need an upgrade or, if so, how big your panel needs to be? That’s the time to turn to a professional.

Bottom line: For people in the Denver area, an excellent choice is Absolute Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Air. Absolute’s mission is to provide the highest quality services from highly trained technicians. Whether you need an electrical panel upgrade or some other electrical, heating, or air conditioning need, please call to schedule a visit from one of Absolute’s fine technicians.

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