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Should I remove the aluminum wiring in my home in Wheat Ridge?

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Is Aluminum Wiring Hazardous? Do I need to Remove It In My Home?


There’s a lot of questions about whether or not you should be removing the aluminum wiring within your home. Aluminum wiring was common in homes that were built between 1960 and 1970. An estimated two million homes and mobile homes have been constructed using aluminum wiring since 1965. They used aluminum instead of copper wiring during this time because copper was at such a high price. If you think you need to replace the aluminum wiring in your home, we can replace these systems old systems for you!

Aluminum wiring isn’t necessarily the problem. It is a good conductor and conducts electricity safely. The problem is within the connections because of:

  1. Soft Metal: Copper is a hard metal. Aluminum is soft. If the wire is thinned out by the electrician that was laying the wire, it could create hot spots. The hot spots can then cause overheating and lead to fires.
  2. Rust: Unfortunately, rust on aluminum is not good for conductivity. When copper rusts, the teal green oxide is still conductive. The white rust oxide on aluminum is not conductive. This means it can interfere with the electricity and cause overheating and fires.
  3. Heat: Aluminum heats up more than copper. When the aluminum heats up it expands and when it cools down it contracts. This constant expansion and contracting causes the wire to creep out of the terminal screw and potentially arc. The arcing of the wires can cause a fire and burn a home down.

Fix Aluminum Wiring In My Home

Fortunately, there are ways to lessen the potential of electrical fires from aluminum wiring in your home. You can install rated copper in all outlet boxes, switch boxes, and j-boxes within the home you can safeguard the home even with the aluminum wiring. At Absolute Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air, we can replace these important pieces for you! Whether you are in Wheat Ridge, Denver, Boulder, or even Lakewood, we can provide an aluminum electrical inspection to keep your home safe and comfortable



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