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Lighting Tips for Your Home

Here are a Few Tips for Improving Your Indoor Lighting.

We know at Absolute Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air, It’s very easy to buy a lamp, set it in the middle of the room, put a bulb in it, and call it a day. Unfortunately, getting your home the best lighting possible isn’t that easy. Here are a few tips for improving your indoor lighting.


Nothing will get you the best lighting like the sun. Open up your windows and let the light flow indoors. Funny enough, in a 2016 survey of 18,000 homeowners by HomeAdvisor, roughly 75% of self-described happy homeowners cited the abundance of natural light in their home as an important contributor to their happy mood. Feeling better indoors can be linked to letting sunlight enter the room. Simple! Not to mention it is free light. Thanks, Sun!

Stacking Light or Layers

Ambient light, task lighting, and accent lighting. The three components of having these three in coordination with one another are thought to lead to the most balanced indoor lighting. What does each of these mean?

Ambient: General lighting, overall lighting, ceiling, wall-mount, or chandelier lights.

Task: The areas of a home where one could be reading, cooking, doing makeup. Smaller areas like above the stove, above a countertop, pendant lighting, or specialty lighting.

Accent: Accent or directional lighting, highlights certain aspects of interior design. This light shines on plants, decorations, paintings, typically hidden; the idea is to showcase an item.


A dimmer style lightswitch is capable of changing the entire mood of a room. From dimming the light for intimate moments to an evening of house guests, dimmers are a good way to go to control full room lighting effects.

LED Lighting

Light emitting diode or LED is a different bulb compared to its incandescent counterparts. LED has higher efficiency, increased durability, and much longer life versus regular bulbs. Homeowners have the option to select integrated fixtures for their home. Which is something like a thin, curved, artful design of lighting display for LEDs.

The other option is an LED bulb. These bulbs can fit in most fixtures. People also say they like the cooler, lighter, or almost blue-ish hue lighting look presented from an LED bulb in comparison to an incandescent bulb.

We hope we were able to inspire some thoughts on your current indoor lighting setup. If you have any questions or need an estimate on a lighting installation, do not hesitate to reach out to Absolute Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air. Give us a call or click to learn more about our services or to request an estimate.


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