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How to Install and Choose an Electric or Gas Garden Heater

Patio area that recently had an outdoor heater installed

Patio heaters are a long-standing tradition in summertime fun to keep us out all night long!

Outdoor heaters are essential to having a wonderful summer. While a propane gas patio heater could drag you through cold evenings, it’s going to be more costly, less effective, and dangerous. Propane gas is an explosive gas and leaks can easily happen.

Electric garden heaters are one of the best ways to stay comfortable all night on your patio, gazebo, and in your backyard.

There are lots of options to choose from when you are looking for custom installed outdoor heating

Mounted hanging patio heater installation denver colorado wood ceiling home luxury

Infratech IR SL-Series Slimline Heater

  • Mounted and or Hanging Patio Heaters
    • These are permanently attached and installed heaters. They can be run by electricity or gas. These options provide the most undercover and hidden heating options available.
    • They do not take up any valuable floor space and leave room for guests, grills, and furniture. Like this electric IR Infratech patio heater installation we did in Denver for David, the mounted heaters will keep him warm through all seasons. These can be installed with patio covers like the pergola patio cover or a canopy.
    • More intense and even heating in an area
  • Large Freestanding Patio Heater
    • The typical restaurant-style heaters are commonly seen. Large towers that have a heating component on top. These are run by gas that is in a compartment on the base of the unit.
  • Small Electric Patio Heater
    • These have little to no emissions and are hard-wired or plugged-in installations.
    • They are portable

Which patio heater do I purchase?

How Many BTU Should My Patio Heater Have graph chart for denver colorado

One of the best ways to determine which type of heater to purchase for your home or business is by the square footage of the area you are wanting to heat. When purchasing a patio heater they are rated in BTU.

BTU or British Thermal Unit is the amount of energy needed to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit (at sea level). The BTU of a heater is helpful in the purchase process because it can tell you exactly what size heater you need for the square footage of the space you are trying to heat.

It is ideal to pick the direct amount of BTU recommended for your space so that you are not wasting energy and using more power than you need which can be costly to your bottom line. Instead, pick a BTU that aligns with your square footage and will work perfectly for your lifestyle.

This chart will identify the perfect BTU outdoor heater for the amount of space needed to heat:

Suspension Height or Mounting Height

The height of your patio will depend on the capacity of your heater. Like the BTU recommendation, the height of your patio heater is very important. The height will change the heat you experience. The higher the mount, the less heat that reaches you and your family.

The capacity of your heater The best suspension height
1400 to 1500 watts Hang the heater at a height of approximately 210 centimeters measured from the ground  
± 2000 watts Hang the heater at a height of approximately 250 centimeters measured from the ground.  
± 3000 watts Hang the heater at a height of approximately 270 to 300 centimeters measured from the ground  

Fire safety distance on Patio Heaters

While you can mount IR and electric heaters to ceilings and walls, not all materials are suitable for mounting on. Materials like plastic will deform, release fumes, and will deform if the temperature is too high. Stone and wood are good materials to mount onto. It is necessary that the patio heater is mounted professionally because the possibility of the patio heater coming out of the wall and falling on you, pets, family, or friends is dangerous. A good guideline is keeping a distance of 45 centimeters between your patio heater and your ceiling.

Electric vs Gas Patio Heaters. Which do I choose?

Electric Patio Heater Benefits:

  • Electric patio heaters have the ability to use smart controls and home integration
  • Electric patio heaters produce radiant heat to warm people and objects, rather than the surrounding area
  • Electric patio heaters offer convenient heating, no need to worry about fuel
  • Electric patio heaters are odor-free
  • Electric patio heaters are extremely effective and turn 98% of the energy used into heat. It is the greenest option available
  • Electric patio heaters are an affordable luxury

Gas Patio Heaters:

  • Gas heaters are not a green option. They generate over 6.5 times as much CO2 as electric heaters
  • Gas heaters cost over 6.5 times as much to run as electric heaters
  • Gas heaters emit fumes and
  • Gas heaters emit much more noise than any other type of heater
  • Gas heaters have been implicated in serious burns accidents
  • Gas heaters heat 360 degrees around the unit. Which in turn usually wastes 70% of the heat
  • Gas heaters heat the air and not the people. One gust and all the heat is gone.
  • Gas heaters are difficult to switch on and off. It typically will stay on until the propane runs out.

Where to purchase the best outdoor patio heater?

Some of the best patio heaters to buy are some of the easiest to find at outlets like:

Lowes outdoor patio heater

Home outdoor depot patio heater

Amazon outdoor patio heater

Costco outdoor patio heater

Some of the best brands of outdoor patio heaters that Absolute recommends are: 

Fire sense patio heater

Hampton Bay patio heater

Pyramid patio heater

Infratech patio heater

Hiland patio heater

Garden treasures patio heater

Mosaic patio heater

Belleze patio heater

Bromic patio heater

Calcana patio heater

Any of these outdoor patio heater brands we will happily install. If you need outdoor patio heater help we can assist you with your garden heater search!

Safely Install An Outdoor Patio Heater

Installing an outdoor patio heater can be difficult, time-consuming, and unsafe.

There are problems that may arise during the installation that can harm your home or your own and your family’s safety. Our electricians are certified technicians and take extensive safety precautions when doing any install, repair, or maintenance. We can install any patio heater that suits your needs. Give us a call today! We also provide complete heating services from furnace repair in Lakewood CO to new furnace installation in Wheat Ridge CO.


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