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Get the Most From A Ceiling Fan

Welcome to summer! It’s time to kick on the AC and turn on those ceiling fans, even if you don’t have a ceiling fan, this blog piece is for you.

Ceiling fans are more than just decoration, they circulate the air through your home. When it comes to summer time and winter time, there are two different sets to adjust your fan to. Today, we’ll focus on summertime use. If you’re a ceiling fan owner and haven’t made the seasonal switch yet to summer, here’s a reminder! Get to it.

Your Room Temperature

Ceiling fans do not lower the room temperature. What do they do for your room? They create a wind chill effect in the room. This gives the overall feeling of having a colder room from 5 to 8 degrees, which means that instead of you having the home’s AC running at 72 degrees, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature to 76 or 80 and still feel comfortable while relaxing under a fan.

For your fan to work the absolute best in your room, make sure it’s at least seven feet from the ground. The ideal range is actually eight to nine feet away from the floor to provide your fan with enough room to perform at its best. You’ll always want at the least a foot of distance from the edge of the fan blade, to the walls of the room. Giving your fan room to do its job helps create the chill effect in your room.

Fan Rotation

Like we said, there are two settings for your fan, depending on the season. For Summer, be sure your fan blades are set to run in a counterclockwise direction. The reason behind that direction is that you’ll want the fan to push the air downwards into the room and onto yourself. This is what gives you the cooler feeling and less of a need to raise your thermostat to a higher temperature inside.

Installing a fan is a great option if you’re looking to cut back cooling costs. Homeowners that use a ceiling fan during summer can save as much as 40 percent on their AC bills. Even during winter time, when you swap the fan into the other direction, you’ll be circulating warm air into the room, keeping it warmer during the cold. Fans can assist in the winter as well.

If you’d like to learn more about ceiling fans and or the process of ceiling fan installation in Castle Rock CO, Denver, Boulder, Commerce City or surrounding community, click to read more about Absolute Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air’s fan services or go ahead and give us a call today.


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