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Common Memorial Day Plumbing Problems


Many families celebrate Memorial Day weekend by throwing a party, inviting over family and friends, and having a fun time. All of these will likely see your piping system doing lots of extra work. This means you have to be prepared because plumbing woes can suddenly arise amidst all of the Memorial Day festivities.

Memorial Day and National Barbecue Month

Not too many people are probably aware, but apart from Memorial Day, May is also known as National Barbecue Month. Thus, it should not come as a surprise if people spend Memorial Day weekend grilling barbecues in their backyards.

This popular activity, however, carries various risks, notably grill fires. Every year, backyard barbecues cause more than 10,000 house fires, and these usually peak during the months of May and July.

All grills, whether powered by propane or charcoal, can cause fires and burns, according to the National Fire Protection Association. It makes sense, therefore, to put the emphasis on grill safety when barbecuing is made part of your Memorial Day weekend celebration.

1. Propane Grill

For propane-based grills, it’s important that they are placed at least three feet away from any objects that could catch fire, including your house and trees or bushes. Before lighting the grill, make sure that the lid is open. Gas can buildup inside the grill if it’s kept closed and it will become a fireball when you open the lid. It’s also recommended that you inspect the gas tank hose for any signs of leaks.

2. Charcoal Grill

Always use a charcoal starter fluid for charcoal-powered grills and not any flammable liquids or substances. The grill should be kept outside as carbon monoxide can manage to get inside your home, and this can be dangerous if inhaled.

After using the grill, allow the coals to cool down completely. Afterwards, put them away carefully in a container made of metal.

Common Plumbing Problems and Solutions on Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is often accompanied by several plumbing issues that you should be prepared for. These are:

1. Leaking Outdoor Hose

The Memorial Day weekend weather is warm and your children are playing so it can be tempting to use the outdoor hose for some water fun. Before you let the hose run all day, check it for any leaks, especially since this will likely be your first time to use it since last year. There could be Memorial Day plumbing problems just waiting to make their presence felt.

An outdoor hose is also essential if you’ll be grilling barbecue on Memorial Day. While most of us don’t ever want a grill accident, it could still happen, so a working house should be available just in case. Alternatives would be a spray bottle of water and a fire extinguisher if an unexpected flare-up occurs.

2. Overused Toilet

The home toilet is normally overworked when Memorial Day comes around, especially if you have relatives and friends visiting for a barbecue or having an extended weekend of fun. The toilet can get clogged faster under this situation because there are more liquids flowing through your pipes at a faster rate than they can normally handle.

Installing a low-flow toilet is a great way to prevent plumbing problems from developing. For the weekend holiday, however, you can temporarily fill a plastic container with sand and place it in the tank of your toilet. This will consume less water, although you may need to measure the sand several times to adjust the water flow.

3. Clogged Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is probably one of the first appliances in the home that can quickly feel the stress of a Memorial Day party. When you have people throwing food down the drain and using your disposal to grind any leftovers, it can only mean a lot of work for the unit which might lead to clogging, one of the many plumbing woes you don’t want to face.

For plumbing problems such as a clogged or a broken garbage disposal, there are two options that you can try. One, tell your guests what items can be processed by your garbage disposal; two, ask them nicely not to use the unit when throwing away leftovers. If you choose the first option, putting up a simple reminder indicating what cannot go in the disposal is a great idea.

4. Burst Pipe

Burst pipes can happen in many different ways and are common Memorial Day plumbing problems. The best way to resolve this problem will depend on your specific situation. A quick fix would be a duct tape that you can wrap around the pipe so the leak will stop until a plumber comes over. However, if your pipe is severely damaged, you can temporarily seal it with rubber and attach this to a sleeve-clamp.

5. Blocked Drain

Before pouring chemicals down your drain to clear the blockage, check first if this is one of many plumbing problems that you can actually fix on your own. A plunger is what you will initially need as this should be effective for both the toilet and the kitchen sink. If chemical cleaners and the plunger don’t work, it’s best to ask a plumber to come over to see what caused the blockage.

6. Dripping Faucet

While slow drips may seem more annoying rather than being one of those difficult plumbing problems, more than 100 gallons of water is actually wasted each year by a faucet that drips three times per minute. If you notice small drips coming down from your faucet, contact a plumber before Memorial Day so the problem can be fixed and you can look forward to a memorable and hassle-free holiday weekend celebration.

Contact Absolute Electrical Heating and Air For Your Plumbing Concerns on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of those American holidays where difficult plumbing problems can arise because many home appliances have to work double time. Absolute Electrical Heating and Air can be relied upon to keep things from getting worse.

We have Aurora plumbing specialists who are on stand by should you encounter issues with your plumbing system after your Memorial Day celebration. Call us anytime if you need help on how to fix plumbing problems and we’ll be more than happy to help you.


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