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All About Sewer Line Camera Inspections

All About Sewer Line Camera Inspections - Absolute Electrical Heating and Air

The sewer line camera is a modern plumbing device used for diagnostic purposes. It consists of a long, robotic cable with a camera attached at one end. The camera is waterproof and the long cable is flexible, allowing plumbers to navigate through pipelines quickly and easily. The other end of the device is attached to an HD monitor that displays the video feed in real-time.

As one can easily imagine, such a useful device can be beneficial for both the plumber and the property owner. Because it can be used to snake through pipelines and find clogs, breaks, and other plumbing problems, digging won’t be necessary. And when there’s no need to dig, the entire fixing process can be done quicker and less invasive.

Types of Sewer Cameras

There are currently two types of plumbing inspection cameras: reel-based and hand-held. The former is a common device amongst plumbers and has a large cable reel designed to examine extensive drain pipes. The cable is connected to a monitor above ground, where the plumbing inspector can view the live feed and determine where the problem is.

On the other hand, hand-held inspection cameras are portable and often used when checking blocked drains in residential areas. As the name implies, this sewer inspection equipment can be held by hand because of its lightweight design.

How Do Sewer Cameras Work?

As mentioned above, sewer cameras provide valuable data to the inspector above ground without digging. The live video feed as the camera snakes through the pipelines can instantly help an inspector determine where the problem lies.

Furthermore, the standard sewer line camera has a built-in radio transmitter that automatically records the position and depth of the sewage system. This provides the inspector with further information about the pipelines they’re working on.

Benefits of Using a Sewer Camera

In 2019, one out of ten American homes was found to have plumbing problems, with the cause usually traced to a leak. If you have unresolved home leaks and want to know if the cause is your underground pipes, a sewer line camera inspection can find this out.

Below are several other benefits you can gain with a sewer line camera inspection:

1. Accurate Diagnostics

Sewer line cameras produce more accurate results when diagnosing pipe problems. These results are also received in real-time, allowing plumbers to quickly decide how a plumbing problem should be resolved.

2. Timely Repair

Preventing plumbing problems from occurring is better than allowing them to worsen and result in costly repair jobs later. A sewer line camera inspection can be helpful in this case.

3. Line Break Confirmation

Pipelines are primarily underground. This means you won’t know when a break occurs until the subsequent leak has already done considerable damage to your property. That’s why it’s best to be proactive and have a professional inspection before the problem starts.

4. Lawn Protection

Before plumber cameras were introduced, digging through your front lawn was the most effective way to determine if your water pipes had cracks. Unfortunately, digging damages your garden, and restoring it to its former state often takes time and money.

With a sewer camera, the option to excavate your lawn is eliminated as you have a more affordable way of resolving a plumbing problem. More importantly, the beauty of your lawn remains untouched.

5. Clog Identification

Typical sewage cameras can see all blockages apart from identifying their causes. A clog not visible in the drain area means it’s set deeper, and an inspection camera can locate it.

6. Better Home Appraisal

With a sewer line camera inspection, you can identify drain problems early. If you make the needed repairs promptly, this could help increase the value of your home when the time comes that you have to sell it.

7. Fewer Permits

With a sewer line camera, plumbing inspectors don’t need to secure an excavation permit because, well, they don’t need to dig. The only time a plumber would need to get a permit is when they have to dig to replace a damaged pipe.

8. Future Problem Prevention

Old plumbing pipes are problematic because they can damage the walls and the underground plumbing. Often, the issue remains unnoticed until your flooring suddenly moves. This can be avoided by having a camera for the sewer line inspect your plumbing system.

9. Lost Valuables Retrieval

A plumbing camera can locate valuables like an earring that may have been accidentally washed down the drain. If the item is visible on the camera, a plumber can retrieve it for you.

Signs That You Need a Sewage Camera Inspection

The following are signs that your plumbing may need to be inspected visually:

1. Unpleasant Smells

Sewage smells are often a tell-tale sign that there’s a problem with your underground pipeline. Hence, professional plumbers will likely recommend a drain pipe visual inspection to determine if you have cracked pipes.

2. Increased Water Bill

If you notice a surge in your water bill, it could mean that you have a plumbing leak. Check all your faucets; if you can’t locate the source of the problem, an expert plumber may suggest an underground visual inspection. This won’t only identify the leak, it can also determine the condition of your pipes.

3. Slow Drains

Nothing is more annoying than having a slow-moving drain. If there’s a clog, trying to dislodge it on your own is not advisable. Instead, plumbers prefer using inspection cameras to view the deepest parts of your sewer line and determine if tree roots have found their way to your pipes, affecting the water flow.

4. Mold Growth

A visual inspection of your sewers is recommended when mold spores start showing up in various areas of your house. Molds not only damage your property, but they can also pose a threat to your health.

Key Takeaway

The use of inspection cameras is considered the modern and quick way of analyzing the overall condition of your plumbing. If there are unknown issues, this newest advancement in plumbing technology can capture them so you can address them early before things get worse. Needless to say, there’s little doubt that sewage cameras have made the job of plumbers faster and more precise.

Get the best underground camera inspection service from Absolute Electrical Heating and Air.

For all your plumbing needs, especially a detailed visual inspection of your sewage system, count on Absolute Electrical Heating and Air to deliver the best results. We are the experts in the plumbing industry, and our professional plumbers in Thornton can give you more information on how we use sewer cameras to address your sewage concerns. Call us today so we can help you.


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