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8 Common Signs That You Have Tree Roots in the Pipes

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We all know trees are critical to humanity’s existence. Aside from providing us with oxygen, trees prevent soil erosion and slow down water runoff, which are critical during heavy rains. When you have trees on your property, they can help increase your property’s value and help cool down your home, which can result in lower utility bills. Furthermore, trees growing in your yard offer a much more relaxing atmosphere all around, making your outdoor area the perfect place to hang out with family and friends or just simply loosen up and enjoy the outdoors.

However, keep in mind that while having trees in your yard is definitely a great thing, they can actually cause serious plumbing problems, especially if the roots are left unchecked and allowed to reach your underground pipes. If this happens,Tree roots can infiltrate your underground pipes causing cracks, blockages, and leaks.

Like any living organism, trees grow, and this growth brings the tree into conflict with the urban environment. As they grow, tree roots actively seek out sources of moisture, meaning they are attracted to your pipes.

Given the propensity of tree roots to invade and damage underground pipes, it’s best to contact a plumber or the local water agency to find out if your sewer lines are near tree roots. If this is the case, you can take appropriate steps to ensure that the lines are safe from the infiltration of tree roots.

How fast does a tree root grow in a sewer pipe?

Depending on factors such as tree type and soil condition, it takes about three months to a year before a tree root is fully established underground. This period will also be when the tree root likely invades your plumbing pipes.

Since what’s happening underground is out of sight, the signs that you have tree roots in the pipes are often subtle and go unnoticed. This can be dangerous because the problem can get out of hand without you realizing it.

Tree Roots and Your Plumbing

If left alone, tree roots in the pipes can form large clumps that block water flow. While this is a common plumbing issue in many households, finding the appropriate solution is challenging because it often comes down to only two choices: either replace the affected pipes or remove the source of the problem.

The first option can be expensive, especially if several damaged pipes are involved. The latter is not only costly, but it can also be time-consuming as various experts may have to participate in completing the job. Additionally, uprooting a tree can be illegal because it could mean violating existing laws depending on where you live.

Signs That You Have Roots in Your Pipes

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Typically, home plumbing comprises a network of connected pipes extending to every plumbing fixture found inside. When tree roots find their way to the pipes, they have grown so big and thick that they cause significant obstructions.

The following are common signs that there is root infiltration in your plumbing:

1. Slow-Moving Drains

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When you notice that the water in your shower and sink drains is moving unusually slowly, there could be a blockage below. As the problem is not something you can easily see, it’s best to have a plumber check your plumbing system before things get out of control.

2. Bubbling Noises

Water flowing fast and free down your drain is a sight to behold because it means your plumbing works fine. However, if you start hearing gurgling or bubbling sounds, it indicates that water is having difficulty moving through your pipes.

3. Toilet Backups

When tree roots infiltrate your plumbing pipes, your toilet could back up. The problem can worsen if the roots come into contact with toilet paper, waste, and other debris. These can wrap around the roots and lead to more serious problems.

4. Unpleasant Smells

Tree roots can also cause wastewater to stop flowing. When tree root infiltration of your drains occurs, it will cause water to accumulate in your pipes. Eventually, this water build-up will produce putrid odors that will find their way from the drain to other parts of the home.

5. Decreased Water Pressure

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When your pipes are blocked, water flowing from your faucets will not be as strong as before. A weakened water flow can affect how you do your household chores and even your shower time.

6. Water Consumption Hike

A noticeable increase in your water bill charges can be expected if you have tree roots in the pipes. These can cause cracks in your pipes, which means that you’re wasting water without you knowing about it. Even sadder is the fact that you’re paying for it.

7. Greener Yard

If you have a yard at home, examine the grass, bushes, and trees surrounding it. If they appear unusually greener than before, they may be receiving a limitless amount of water nutrients from below. In short, their roots may have already accessed your underground pipes, seriously compromising the pipe’s integrity.

8. Sinkhole Formation

Once tree roots have caused severe damage to your pipes, you’ll likely see unusually soft spots in your yard. These are developing sinkholes, and they indicate indicating impending pipe collapse. Contact a professional plumber immediately so an excavation job can be looked into before your entire yard goes down.

Key Takeaway

Tree root intrusion into a plumbing system is a common household problem. This is because trees naturally look for fertile ground. Since their roots usually grow underground, they will inevitably find your plumbing pipes a great source of nutrients. Given this, it’s best to plan the installation of your home plumbing carefully.

For efficient plumbing installation, the obvious solution is to hire a professional plumbing company. While practically all plumbing firms can be trusted, you should only settle for one that is properly licensed and has well-trained plumbers who can provide you with quality plumbing repair services, including underground work.

Reach out to Absolute Electrical Heating and Air for all types of plumbing requirements.

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We use cutting-edge plumbing equipment that our plumber in Lakewood, CO, can expertly handle when working on a plumbing problem. This will guarantee you a long-term and lasting plumbing solution. Entrust your home plumbing to professionals. Call us today


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