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6 Exciting Plumbing Trends in 2023

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As the new year begins, expect new plumbing trends to benefit commercial and residential consumers. Many of these will focus on technology, sustainability, and accessibility.

Even now, experts are busy developing new plumbing technologies designed to resolve water quality problems, promote sustainable consumption, and reduce wastewater from remaining in the home plumbing systems. These trends should eventually help create a more efficient and convenient plumbing system for everyone.

Trends From the Past Year

In the plumbing world, new technologies and innovations are constantly being introduced. While most of these were already made available in previous years, they were improved and made more accessible lately.

Here’s a list of the plumbing trends that made some noise in 2022.

1. Remote Communication

In the past, if you wanted to schedule a home plumbing consultation, you would have to drive to the nearest plumbing company. That is no longer the case today. Technology has vastly improved, and almost any transaction can now be done online. In particular, a smartphone or tablet can be used to communicate with a plumber so that any plumbing problem can be diagnosed and the appropriate solution can readily be provided.

2. Smart Technology

Smart technology has found its way into practically everything people do, including fixing plumbing problems. It has made it easier to monitor water usage, and you can access the information through various applications that can be downloaded on your smartphone. With wiser water consumption, expect lower water costs and more efficient plumbing systems.

3. Smart Plumbing Fixtures

State-of-the-art water heaters and smart toilets have become widely available. Professional plumbers believe that advanced plumbing technologies, such as touchless sinks and faucets, will eventually make their way into most homes. It will also mean that there’s no more need to manually monitor your plumbing when checking for leaks.

4. Plumber Scheduling Software

Many plumbing companies operate their own websites so visitors can look at the services they offer and easily schedule a consultation with a subcontractor.

Plumbing companies have also utilized various project management applications and software to track the productivity of their plumbers. These also enable plumbers to collaborate through various media formats, even if they are not on-site.

5. Online Payment

When payment for service rendered was made possible via smartphones, it quickly became popular, mainly because of its convenience. Plumbing experts said this service would continue to become a trend in the coming years as further improvements are expected to be introduced.

The Next Generation of Plumbing: What To Expect in 2023

The plumbing industry expects the following trends that emerged from the previous year to remain popular:

1. Touchless Plumbing

Even before the new decade began, touchless plumbing was already gaining ground. In 2023, however, plumbing companies will push for upgrades by offering more smart technology services. In short, smart technology will take the plumbing industry to the future. Presently, it powers many water supply resources. It should soon allow homeowners and businesses to track their water usage easily.

2. Better Filtration Systems

Filtration systems are among the most important aspects of your overall plumbing system. They filter such elements as chlorine or magnesium so potable water can be produced.

Water filtration is completed through various systems, and reverse osmosis is among the most popular. Introduced in 2016, the technology features a membrane-like filter that captures minerals and several other particles but excludes volatile compounds such as chlorine. Thus, future plumbing innovations related to water filtration systems will include activated carbon and UV light. The former can filter minute particles, while the latter effectively handles bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

3. Green Technology

The overall cost of upgrading to a smart plumbing system remains significant. An alternative is Green Technology which can be seen in the installation of gray water systems, which work on recycling water from baths, basins, and showers to water plants.

Another green plumbing technology is rain systems. These involve the use of large barrels to collect rainwater. These barrels are connected to hoses and tubes so the collected water can be used for cleaning or gardening.

4. Better Customer Service

Just like in previous years, plumbing companies have become highly dependent on modern technology. It has led to the development of different plumbing websites, which have become one of the most popular ways of contacting plumbers. With more plumbing companies going online, customer service is expected to improve as people realize the ease and convenience of seeking plumbing services through the internet.

5. Online Reviews

Reviews allow for a better understanding of a specific service. If they are bad, you might initially see them as a setback since they could affect your company’s credibility. It should not be so, as bad reviews should be viewed as an opportunity to reach out to customers and discuss ways to improve existing processes.

6. Digital Marketing

The plumbing of tomorrow will also depend significantly on digital marketing. Plumbers are encouraged to subscribe to this strategy if they want to reach more clients and offer the best services. To succeed in digital marketing, plumbing businesses must create an effective social media campaign to rank high in Google and other search engines.

Key Takeaway

This article about plumbing industry trends offers a glimpse of what homeowners and businesses can enjoy in the future. While many of these trends have been around for several years now, more related advancements can be expected. With the entry of a new year, these should come to complete fruition. At the same time, newer trends are also shaping up. Plumbing companies that stay abreast of these developments as they occur should take advantage of them to improve their services, much like the new and innovative tools used for plumbing.

Absolute Electrical Heating and Air is updated with the plumbing trends of 2023.

If you need to upgrade your plumbing this year, call Absolute Electrical Heating and Air. We are among the plumbing companies that have fully embraced the future of plumbing technology. Our website offers a menu of services, which includes the option to easily schedule a consultation at your most convenient time.

Absolute Electrical Heating and Air is an acknowledged expert in pipe installation, drain cleaning, and plumbing repair. Our Aurora plumbing team utilizes advanced plumbing technology to ensure you get the best possible service. Call us today. We look forward to serving you.


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