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6 Easy Ways To Lower Water Bill with Simple Plumbing Fixes

ABP-Easy Ways To Lower Water Bill with Simple Plumbing Fixes

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Nowadays, everyone wants to find the best ways to save money. Homeowners everywhere want to lower their monthly bills, and they are doing this by applying water and electricity-saving hacks. There are many ways to lower your monthly bills, including being aware of your water consumption and taking appropriate steps to reduce it.

Studies show that an average American household uses an estimated 300 gallons of water per day. Water is a necessity in our everyday life, and even though it comes at a cost, there are ways to lower water bill and use it efficiently.

Did you know that upgrading your plumbing systems can help conserve water? By installing more efficient plumbing fixtures (like shower heads and toilets) with low flow rates, you could save a lot of water in your home!

You don’t have to build an energy-efficient new home to reduce water consumption. Indeed, simple plumbing upgrades will reduce your water consumption and save you money. Plus, plumbing upgrades can improve your home’s water pressure, so you can take shorter showers and save even more water.

6 Types of Plumbing Tips and Tricks To Conserve Water

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If you’re looking for ways to lower water bill in your home and conserve water, consider upgrading your plumbing system, as plumbing upgrades can help you achieve better water efficiency and overall conservation.

Here are six easy plumbing fixes and improvements to keep your water usage to a minimum:

1. Fix leaks and unexplainable running water.

The first thing you need to do is locate the leaks in your faucet and have them fixed right away. Leaks and continuously running water can cause your water bill to soar.

The good news is that this issue is easy to fix! All you have to do is monitor and constantly check your home’s bathroom faucets, toilets, shower heads, and pipes. Ensure there aren’t any leaks or running water; if there are, have it repaired immediately. Remember to check the outdoor faucets as well. Fixing your plumbing is one of the best ways to lower water bill.

2. Replace the lose aerator on your faucets.

One of the most common plumbing fixes is to replace worn aerators. Over time, the aerator on your faucet will start to loosen from the tip, and replacing it is one of the most common plumbing jobs. An aerator replacement will push air through the water, leading to a more steady flow. With this replacement or upgrade, it will significantly reduce the volume of water usage.

Besides, newer faucets cause less water splashing and waste due to their design. With more air force, you can enjoy a steady water pressure and lower your water bill.

3. Invest in low-flow toilets.

Toilets use approximately the same amount of water as dishwashers and washing machines. You can purchase and install water-efficient toilets to save water by operating the toilets on low flow. Low-flow toilets only use about 1.6 gallons of water per flush compared to the seven gallons per flush used by regular toilets.

4. Use a tankless water heater.

A regular water heater has a tank where it stores the hot water. Even when not consuming hot water, it uses energy to keep the water temperature constant. You can improve this by using a tankless water heater, which uses electricity to produce hot water. With this upgrade, you can save both water and electricity.

Most tankless water heaters have extensive warranties that can be useful in the long run. To ensure which water heater is best for you, seek professional help from trusted companies for better plumbing services. They will be able to determine the best model for the features and measurement of your shower space.

5. Upgrade your washing machine.

The washing machine and dishwasher are two common appliances that cause water wastage. Purchasing a new washing machine or dishwasher involves an initial financial outlay, but it can save you money in the long run. Old washing machines are responsible for 16% of your overall water usage. Upgrading to a more efficient washer can save up to 33% on water usage!

6. Change your shower habits.

Experts estimate that the average American shower has a water flow rate of 2.1 gallons per minute. You can reduce the time spent showering, which will then reduce your household water consumption and water bills. You can also mix up your shower routine. Turning off the water when soaping will significantly affect your water bill.

Key Takeaway

Learning about these six plumbing tips and tricks can help you conserve water and lessen your utility bills. Investing in low-flow plumbing fixtures, water filtration systems, and other upgrades can reduce water waste, protect natural resources, and save money.

Upgrade your plumbing system today with the help of a reliable plumbing company!

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If you need a plumber in Colorado Springs who specializes in home improvement, it’s time to contact Absolute Electrical Heating and Air plumbing. We can guide you on how to save water and considerably lower your monthly water bills. To learn more about our services, browse through our website or, better yet, contact us now!


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