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Absolute Electrical Heating and Air is the most professional air duct cleaning service you can choose to hire in the Denver area. We offer our air duct and dryer vent cleaning services throughout the Denver metro area, but we also extend them outwards towards Arvada, Golden, Littleton, Boulder, Highlands Ranch, and other nearby communities! If your home needs a top-quality cleaning of its ductwork or vents, Absolute is ready to come to your rescue.

We provide you with the best air duct cleaning service in Denver. We offer affordable rates and have high-quality customer support so that all of your needs are met. Our customers come back to us time and time again for these reasons – Over the years we have built our reputation by putting the customer first and providing the personal attention, prompt response times and professional solutions to all of our residential and commercial clients.

Thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can call on us for any job and know it will be done right! We’re ready to come to your rescue.

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Top Reasons to have your Air Duct Cleaning Done by Professionals

There is a continuous cycle of airflow within your home. Over time, dust bypasses your furnace filter. Particles of dust, allergens, and other debris cling to the walls of your air ducts.

As those particles of dust gather in your HVAC ductwork it builds up reducing airflow and makes your furnace and AC system work harder. This ends up costing you more on your energy bill to heat and cool your home. Not to mention the dust and particulars you are circulating throughout your home every time your furnace and AC blower motor turns on.

Our skilled technicians are experts at tackling all types of issues with your air duct system, including furnace and ac ducts, dryer vent pipes and other ductwork used for ventilation.

The most comprehensive and efficient Denver air duct cleaning company – Absolute Electrical Heating and Air provides expert services tailored for every home with ducts or vents – no matter what size they may be.

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  • Indoor Pollutants – cleaning air ducts in your home on a regular basis can help maintain a healthy indoor air quality in your home
  • Pet Dander and Hair – Pet hair and ducts do not mix well. Both pet hair ad pet dander poses a huge risk to the integrity of your HVAC system and specifically your ducting. If you have a dog or cat, an animal that sheds, you should be having your ducts cleaned at least every six months if not more. Hair from the animals can collect quickly in the ducts and blower motor of the furnace and begin to harbor bacteria. This can quickly cause breathing and lung issues in the home for you and your pets. Clogging in the furnace blower motor often happens from pet hair. Have you ever looked at the underneath of your vacuum at home? Imagine that hair and dander getting stuck inside your furnace’s blower motor. This would likely cause it to be blowing the pet hair into your duct for the second round or have it fail prematurely.
  • Fire Hazard – Clean ductwork reduces the risk of harm to your family and damage to your home
  • Post Construction Cleanup – After a construction or remodeling project the last thing you might think of is cleaning your ducts, but it is an extremely good idea. Home building and renovations generate many contaminants like dry wall dust, debris and sawdust. Whenever a wall in your home is cut into, taken down, or erected you can be sure that some of these contaminants will make their way into the ducts of your HVAC system. The amount of sawdust and drywall dust that enters your ductwork is substantial. Once in your ducts, these contaminants are now circulated throughout your home at least 5 to 7 times per day according to the HVAC Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association.
  • Allergens – As spring gets close in Colorado you might hear the sneezing, coughing and see the red itchy eyes of your family in your home. It’s always commonsense if you have allergies or are sensitive to the changes in the seasons to get your ducts cleaned regularly. The constant rotation of air through your HVAC system not only pushes more of these irritants through your home but begins to gather them in your ducts as well.

If you have experienced any of these issues in your home, it would be a good idea to at least call Absolute Electrical Heating and Air and request a duct cleaning consultation.

In the worst case there might be debris from rodents and insects in your ducting system. If you notice any of these pests in your home, we would recommend a full duct cleaning immediately.

If you need help with your dirty air ducts or dryer vent, contact our professionals to solve your problem quickly and safely!

Why Your Home Need Regular Duct Cleaning

We spend over 90% of our lives indoors according to the It’s important to keep the air circulating in your home as clean as possible. Your ducts can house extreme amounts of dust, dander, and harmful microbes. Even near the registers of your furnace outlets, you can see the dust that begins to form in your ducts. This is just the beginning of where the dust settles and the smallest portion of your whole HVAC system.

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Most homes in Colorado are not getting their recommended duct cleaning. This can cause irritation for the homeowners or occupants as dust buildup is one of the main triggers of asthma and nose infections. Most homes might not have even had their homes cleaned since they were built. Imagine that your ducts have dust from the 1960’s in it!

Denver Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that there are more than 12,000 dryer vent fires every year?

Having lint accumulate inside your dryer vent can create a number of problems for you and your dryer. You might be thinking that a bit of dryer lint is relatively insignificant. You would be mistaken. Lint is highly combustible and should be removed as soon as possible. Never underestimate the dangerous effects that a dirty dryer vent can create.

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Getting your dryer vent cleaned is very important because it will help your dryer run more efficiently. That helps you to save money on your electric bills in the long run. Plus, it prevents fires.

Experts suggest having your dryer cleaned at least every six to twelve months. Most people don’t even know you’re supposed to clean your dryer vent at all!  Another important thing that you will need to do is check and make sure your flex transition hose is not crushed in any way. You should have an ample supply of room for the hose.

We Are Ready to Come to the Rescue - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Absolute provides the most complete duct cleaning solutions in Colorado. We use a duct cleaning system that scrapes and removes debris and dust clumps that might be stuck to the interior of your ducting, not just the dust that has settled. We then vacuum out all the debris and replace all vent registers, covers and pieces to your HVAC system.

Absolute Electrical Heating and Air has been serving the Denver community since 2012 and has longevity you can count on. Backed with the best warranty and highest customer satisfaction, trust Absolute to give you the best duct cleaning experience you’ve ever had!

For air duct cleaning services that exceed every expectation, contact Absolute Electrical Heating and Air.

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